3 confirmed dead in Cantonment collapsed building

Three people have now been confirmed dead after an uncompleted  three-storey building caved in on 22 people last Saturday killing three and injuring more than a dozen people.

The deceased persons include the owner of the building and two other persons believed to have been working on the building.

Twelve survivors have been treated and discharged whilst seven others are receiving treatment at the 37 and police hospitals.

Deputy Public Relations Officer of the Ghana National Fire service, Prince Billy Ana-Glatey told Citi News on Sunday that twelve of the survivors had been treated and discharged while seven (7) others were receiving treatment at the 37 and police hospitals.

Prince Billy Ana-Glatey added that the search for more people trapped under the collapsed had ended because the rescue team had reached “ground zero of the building.”

“At  this point we are at ground zero and  if there were anyone still buried under the rubble it would not be difficult  to find that person.  But as it stands we can’t see any body whether dead or alive,” he added.

Billy Ana-Glatey added that all the all the agencies would be meeting to investigate what led to the collapse.

“We will eventually know what caused the collapse when we begin investigations. So many factors might have led to this building collapsing. Most of these buildings are constructed only at night so that the officials have no idea what is going on” he stated.

This is the second building that has collapsed at Cantonments within the last seven months.



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