Attitudinal change is fundamental to overall success of Long Term Development Plan – Nii Moi Thompson

The Director General of the NDPC, Dr Nii Moi Thompson, says attitudinal change from every sector is fundamental to the overall success of a Long Term Development Plan.

He said pronouncements are not enough to take the nation to where its leaders envision in the next forty years.

He said what is needed is a structured and consistent plan which involves all stakeholders especially rural dwellers.

Dr Thompson said the current energy challenge would have been avoided if there was a long term plan in that sector.

He was speaking at the monthly media briefing on input into the Commission’s forty year plan for the nation.

Meanwhile, the UN Resident Coordinator in Ghana, Christine Evans-Klock says the UN is ready to assist Ghana in its long term development plan.

According to her, the main objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals are being incorporated in the 40 years development plan being, spearheaded by the NDPC.

The UN Resident Coordinator was speaking at a forum organised for Journalists on the new development agenda, the SDGs which replace the MDGs this year.


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