Atuabo Gas Processing Plant To Be Shut Down Today

The Gas Processing Plant at Atuabo in the Western Region will be shut down from Monday for the next 10 days for mandatory maintenance works.

The plant began processing gas from the Jubilee fields last November, producing about 60 million standard cubic feet of gas daily at its commissioning stage.

It has increased production to 80 million standard cubic feet daily since it started commercial production at the beginning of this month.

The plant operated by the Ghana Gas Company, supplies gas to the Volta River Authority which it uses to power its thermal plants at Aboadze for the generation of 400 megawatts of electricity daily.

The Company also supplies LPG to the domestic market.

CEO of the Company, George Sipa Yankey in a statement says the shutdown is necessary to prolong the life span of the plant and for warranty security.

With the shutdown, coupled with the delay in the arrival of the emergency power badges, there are fears that it will lead to further worsening of the power situation in the country but the VRA has dispelled such fears.

According to the Authority, it has enough quantities of light crude oil in stock which it will use to power the thermal plants in the absence of gas.

PRO of the VRA, Sam Fletcher says the shutdown of the Atuabo Gas plant cannot therefore have any impact on the current load schedule.


Source: GBC

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