Azonto employed many musicians and has killed many as well……Nana Quame

Contemporary highlife musician, Nana Quame has in an interview with Evans Nana Yaw Quaye (Shaker), host of Green FM’s entertainment show THE BOX, revealed that in as much as Azonto brought a lot of musicians to the scene it has also killed the career of many others.

Nana Quame made this comment when he was asked by the host to give his opinion on a comment passed by Bull Dog the C.E.O of Bull Haus Entertainment which sought to suggest that highlife cannot win Ghana any recognised international award. In his response he stated that he would not begrudge Bull Dog because that is his opinion and he is entitled to it.

In his opinion this assertion is completely untenable and cannot be justified “……to me, I think the only song that can take us somewhere is the highlife and the kind of songs Wiyaala does, but the rest we have a long way….. No matter what you do you have to be identified with a particular genre……… Sometimes it seems as if we don’t know where we are going, we just follow the trend and the it will just cease. I said something sometime ago, when Azonto came it employed a lot of musicians, good ones, really really good ones, the same Azonto has killed a lot of musicians as well” he concluded.

On other issues, Nana Quame explained why there are two versions of his latest song “Guy guy”. According to him, the first version was mastered by  a sound engineer in Kumasi but he wasn’t satisfied with the work and so he sought the services of Williesbeat to “remaster” it.

Upon releasing the final work, the engineer in Kumasi also released the other, hence the two versions. When the host Evans Quaye asked if he is contemplating legal actions against the said engineer, he said he could but he wouldn’t because of the controversy it may bring and what people would say as “Ghanaians support bad things mostly”.  

   He also explained the reasons why he shed tears during a radio interview.

listen to full interview below 


By Evans Nana Yaw Quaye (shaker)


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