Birim steel bridge death trap

Danger is looming in the Birim Central Municipality in the Eastern Region as the steel bridge that connects the municipality to other parts of the country is falling apart.

Class FM’s regional correspondent McAnthony Dagyenga reports that the bolts and nuts holding the bridge are loose. The pillars that suspend the bridge over the Birim River also appear weak with the structure very shaky rendering it dangerous for use, he said.

Drivers and pedestrians still use the bridge to travel to other towns despite several warnings issued by contractors, Dagyenga reported.

Last year, the Akyem Oda Concerned Citizens Association (AKOCCA) mounted pressure on the Birim Central Municipal Assembly over the matter. This compelled authorities to award the contract for the bridge’s rehabilitation early this year.

Contractors inspected the bridge and deployed equipment to fix it by a June 16 deadline.

However, to the dismay of the residents and transport operators, the contractor has left the site with all his equipment with reason that funds have not been released from the Ghana Roads Fund department of the Ghana Highway Authority for the maintenance work.

AKOCCA is threatening has, thus, threatened to go on demonstration by the end of June to force attention on the bridge.

Public Relations Officer of the group, Gilbert Kwasi Frimpong told Class News that they want “government to release funds for the completion of rehabilitation works. We are also calling on all authorities involved to fast-track the process and release money to the contractor as soon as possible. Failure to do so will compel us to use every legitimate means available to us to force them”.

He cautioned the public against using the bridge because the “contractor has loosened some parts” and “the slightest trigger can lead to the total collapse of the bridge”.

Source: ClassFMonline.com

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