Women with high BP more likely to conceive boys


Numerous myths exist surrounding the guessing game of a baby’s ...

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Having a lot of sex is terrible for middle-aged men – Study


How often do you have sex? Do you cuddle up to ...

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How do you know someone is sexually satisfied?


There are some reasonably reliable ways to know someone is ...

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Life360degrees: The One Secret to Success That You Don’t Know


We’ve all been bothered about becoming successful in life. We ...

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Home sweet home; 3 key reasons why travelers abroad should return frequently


‘’Greener pastures’’ is largely the major reason why many Ghanaians ...

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Things That Affect Your Sexual Performance


Before, infertility was defined as a couple’s inability to achieve ...

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Top 7 wedding / honeymoon taboos to consider before getting married


There are many things which are considered as taboos in ...

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Women who go to church more than once a week live five months longer – study


Women who go to church more than once a week ...

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Sleeping in Separate Beds: Could It Be Better For Your Relationship?

Young couple lying on single beds, holding hands

Increasingly, couples are finding that sleeping in separate beds helps ...

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letter from Dr. Diana Kirschner


Dear reader, You had what seemed like a wonderful first ...

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