CPA heads to court to halt new utility tariffs

The Consumer Protection Agency (CPA) is heading to Court to restrain the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) from implementing the recently announced tariff hikes.

Chief Executive Officer of the CPA, Mr. Kofi Kapito told Prince Minkah on the Ultimate Breakfast Show that his Agency will pray the Court to put an injunction on the new tariffs.

The PURC on Thursday announced that it had increased electricity and water tariffs by 2.63 per cent and 1.06 per cent, respectively. The increment is to take effect on April 1, 2015.

The new tariffs have angered consumers and the CPA. “We as an agency that represents consumers in Ghana, our first point of action is to consult with our lawyers and see if we can go and ask the court to put an injunction on the new increase,” Mr Kapito said.

He said: “Anybody else can also mobilise people to also show their displeasure at this decision by [going on] demonstrations: It is allowed under the Constitution, as long as you get permission from the police to allow you to demonstrate peacefully.”

Mr Kapito, however argued that although he is not against the increment, Ghanaians have not benefitted from the services of the utility providers thus do not merit tariff hikes.

He continued that: “Because of your inefficiencies, I’m forced to do what I’m not supposed to be doing and then you accuse of me doing it? Just like telling the police officer that someone has stolen your goods, the police refuses to arrest and he tells you that it is your fault the person run away. I’m not against the increases but the timing is very, very, very wrong. They could have suspended it”.

Source: StarrFMonline.com

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