The Marketing Manager of Fay International Limited  Mary Achieng Ojuka
The Marketing Manager of Fay International Limited Mary Achieng Ojuka

Fay International Limited educates female inmates on feminine hygiene

Fay International Limited, producers of Faytex products in Ghana has organized a workshop to educate female inmates on feminine hygiene. The sensitisation which took place on April 7 and April 8, 2017 at Nsawam, Akuse and Ho Female Prisons respectively was a step in the right direction.

The Marketing Manager of Fay International Limited and doubles as a feminine Health Adviser, Mary Achieng Ojuka was the brain behind the workshop and took the inmates through series of teachings about the need to avoid practices that generate infections. This she indicated had contributed to the many cases of infections inmates are often confronted with. According to her, even though someone may say the flow was little after using a pad for the first day, it wasn’t healthy to insist on using the used pad for the second time, since you could be infected with dangerous cervical diseases that could be detrimental to your comfort and well being. “Dispose as soon as you finish with one and endeavour to use a new one for the next day”, she admonished.  She used the occasion to introduce them to Faytex, a popular brand in the sanitary pad industry.

She again touched on the avoidance of nice – scented soaps in washing the vulva. According to her, soaps contain chemicals that are not helpful to the vulva. The more you use soap to wash the vulva, you compromise the naturally self – repairing abilities of the organ thereby making it prone to dangerous taints. “The more you use soaps that contain a PH factor, non – beneficial to the body, in order to ensure good personal hygiene, you also lay open to serious infections”, she added. “Be reminded that the organ has a way of naturally cleansing itself”, she stated.

The Marketing Manager of Fay International Limited, Mary Achieng Ojuka didn’t end it there as she again delved into the need for proper bathing. This according to her, will go a long way to eliminate bad odour and create an enabling environment for inter – personal relationship. She advised that water which contains antiseptic shouldn’t be used to wash the vulva when bathing.

The female inmates also used the occasion to register their appreciation to Mary Achieng Ojuka and Fay International Limited for the education on good and hygienic feminine practices.

In a related development, the genial Marketing Manager of Faytex, Mary Achieng Ojuka saw the need to extend this all important exercise to Sekondi, Sunyani, Kumasi and Tamale female inmates. The atmosphere was electrifying to say the least as the inmates received her in a grand style during a 3day seminar on feminine hygiene dubbed “be mindful of infections”. The programme which took place on April14, 15, 16 and 17, 2017 in Sekondi, Sunyani, Kumasi and Tamale respectively saw lots of Prison Officials in attendance.

The Sekondi, Sunyani, Kumasi and Tamale female inmates in one accord thanked the likes of the President, Organisation for Child Fellowship (OCF), Gabriella Larfaque, the OCF Crew,  U – Fresh Ghana Limited and Mary Achieng Ojuka of Faytex for remembering them even in their time of distress.


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