Female inmates in 7 prisons get support

The Organization for Child Fellowship (OCF) a non – Governmental Organisation (NGO) in the country has donated sanitary pads, antiseptic and drinks worth about GHC 15,000 to female inmates of the Nsawam, Ho and Akuse prisons. Fay international limited, producers of Faytex sanitary pads, the U – Fresh Ghana Limited and other partners assisted in this all important gesture. The donation which took place on Friday, 7th and Saturday, 8th April, 2017 at Nsawam, Akuse and Ho Female prisons respectively will forever go down memory lane as no entity in the country had done this according the information gathered from the Prisons officials. Every female inmate was given 12 packs of Faytex pads which could last for a year. The donation which was centred on assuaging the sufferings of female inmates during their menstrual period was well embraced by prisons authorities, pastors, motivational speakers just to mention but few. In all 71 female inmates in Nsawam, 10 inmates in Akuse as well as 12 inmates in Ho received the donation.


Gabriella Larfaque, the Founder and President of the OCF outlined the rationale behind the gesture. According to her, it was their responsibility to ensure that all female inmates have a reason to smile during this Easter Festivity and beyond as they form an integral part of God’s kingdom. “God has your interest at heart and anybody who takes anything that belongs to you incurs the wrath of God”, she inspired amid tears in the eyes of some inmates. “Never stop trusting in God for He is the sole giver of freedom and will deal ruthlessly with those who even try to treat you with disdain in here”, she said. She was quick to encourage them to be prayerful and put God first. “The fact that you have been incarcerated doesn’t mean you are an outcast. God is using this place to prepare you for greater things ahead”, she stated.

The Marketing Manager of Fay international limited, producers of Faytex sanitary pads who doubles as a feminine health adviser, Mary Achieng Ojuka also took her turn to admonish the inmates on the need to keep personal hygiene. According to her, their general wellbeing solely depends on proper personal hygiene. “Don’t insert your fingers in your vulva because it will bring you infections”. “Never use nice – scented soaps to wash the vulva, she advised. “Always be reminded that the organ cleanses itself naturally”, she stated. Mary again encouraged all inmates to be steadfast in the Lord. “We have you all at heart likewise God, so you are not alone in this. God is using this environment as a point of contact to make you queens, preachers, evangelists, pastors etc  to His glory”,.



Meanwhile, ASP Juan Naa Akrong the Officer in Charge of the Nsawam Female Prisons and other OIC’S lauded the efforts of the OCF crew for such a wonderful gesture. They promised to ensure that the inmates got the exact number of items presented.

It didn’t end there as the Female inmates in the Nsawam, Akuse and Ho Prisons thanked the genial President of the OCF, Gabriella Larfaque, the entire OCF crew, the Marketing Manager of Fay International Limited, producers of Faytex sanitary pads, Mary Achieng Ojuka, the U-Fresh Ghana Limited for remembering them even in their time of anguish.

In another development, the OCF Crew led by Gabriella Larfaque again reached out female inmates of Sekondi, Sunyani, Kumasi and Tamale female prisons on April 14, 15, 16 and 17, 2017 respectively. The donation which was geared towards bringing all inmates together and making them feel at home was exciting. Each female inmate received 12 packs of sanitary pads from Faytex which will take them through a year. Gabriella Larfaque, president of the OCF emphasized the need for all inmates to be resolute in their maker and eschew bad practices. To the prison authorities, she admonished them to be mindful of the way they treat inmates. This according to her has a telling effect on their lives after the service. “Never take anything that belongs to the vulnerable and the afflicted such as these”, she outlined.

In the meantime, some inmates thanked all who supported this worthy course. They showered God’s blessings on the organizers and partners of this exercise for making time to visit them, as their families, friends and acquaintances had rejected them  because of  their predicaments.



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  1. Great job OCF. The government can not cover everything we need genuine people like OCF to impact lives.

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