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Fuel prices reduced marginally

Most Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have reviewed downwards, the prices of petroleum products today. This is contrary to the Chamber of Bulk Oil Distributors (CBOD) publication of indicative prices which showed that prices were expected to increase by some 30 pesewas effective today. According to available data from the CBOD companies, the highest price any OMC can sell petrol is 3 cedis 72.5 pesewas while the least on the market should be 3 cedis 40.43 pesewas. Also, the highest price any OMC can sell diesel is 3 cedis 31.49 pesewas while the least 3 cedis 2.77 pesewas. But Citi Business News checks at some pump stations earlier on Monday  revealed the OMCs prices have seen a further reduction in their petroleum products, rubbishing the indicative prices published by the BDC’s. A visit to the Allied Oil pump station at Darkuman junction in Accra showed approximately 14 pesewas drop in the price of petrol. The price of diesel has also reduced by 12 pesewas and is now selling at 2 cedis 94 pesewas per litre while it was previously being sold at 3 cedis 06 pesewas. Another pump station Engen, is still selling at the has reduced the prices of the petrol by 49 pesewas per litre. The Engen pump stations here in Adabraka have maintained their prices as petrol is still selling at 3 cedis 42 pesewas and price of Diesel is also selling at 2 cedis 98 pesewas. The Station manager said there have not been any official communication from Engen head office the development. The story was no different at the shell filling station at Kaneshie as they have also maintained their prices. Petrol is still selling at 3 cedis, 43 pesewas and diesel is also selling at 2 cedis 99 pesewas per litre. The Station Manager told Citi Business News that they have been informed that there will be some reduction but they were waiting on their head office communicate the new prices.

“We have been informed that they is going to be some reduction but we get tell how much that will be but we are hoping that that will be done by close of day today but until then will are selling at the old prices as you can see on our sign post” Also at the Total pump station at Kaneshie, the price of petrol has reduced by 0.08 pesewas. Petrol is currently selling at 3 cedis 35 pesewas while it was previously being sold at 3 cedis 43 pesewas. Diesel has also drop by 0.03 pesewas, currently selling at 2 cedis 95 pesewas per litre while it was earlier selling at 2 cedis 99 pesewas. AP Filling Station in Adabraka also have seen some reduction their prices as petrol has reduced by 15 pesewas now selling at 3cedis 31pesewas from the old price of 3 cedis 46pesewas. Diesel has also drop by 0.17 pesewas, currently selling at 2 cedis 89 pesewas per litre while it was earlier selling at 3 cedis 07 pesewas. Meanwhile the Goil Filling Station in Kanishie at the time of our visit at around 8:45am had maintained the prices of their products. A station attendant spoke to Citi Business News on condition of anonymity. “We are waiting for the calibrators to come in and calibrate the machines but until then you don’t expect us to stop selling fuel to our customers but we are hoping that by midday they would come to effect the change. We can’t be blamed because no one wants to lose in business.” But Citi Business news has learnt Ghana Oil company (Goil) has rather reduced the price of petrol by 11 pesewas thus from 3 cedis 42 pesewas to 3 cedis 31 pesewas. Goil has also reduced the price of Diesel by some 89 pesewas thus from 2 cedis 98 pesewas to 2 cedis 8.95 pesewas.


Source: Citifmonline

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