How King Faisal beat the GFA in court on a technicality

Monday December 8 was a day many Ghanaian soccer fans who longed to see the local soccer league return had ticked on their calendars.
After months of legal wrangling between the Ghana Football Association and King Faisal Football Club the FA was expected to open their defence in line with the injunction placed on their annual congress.
To the surprise of all present including spokesperson for the club Sekyi Akomea Boateng the GFA failed to open their defence on the issue at hand but rather filed a motion to have the court throw out the case of the Kumasi based Club.
“We went to the court this morning and to our surprise the FA had not responded to our case instead they had filed an application to dismiss the case since they believe they are a private entity and their decisions cannot be taken to court,”he told Citi Sports.
The court in turn dismissed the motion and has since asked the Football Association to prepare to make its case by December 15.
“The Justice sat on the case and emphatically told the FA that since the they have a contract with its members if a member is unhappy and disagrees on an issue they are within their rights to take up the issue in court and for that matter their application has been thrown out.
The court has told the FA to return on Monday to open their defence to enable them resolve the situation,”he further went on to say.
Bank roller of King Faisal Alhaji Grunsah has long ruled out a possible out of court settlement on the situation which has led to delay of the 2014/2015 First Capital Plus Premier League.
The headline sponsor have expressed their displeasure at the bad press being generated by the impasse and have indicated that they are keeping a close eye on developments.



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