JB Danquah ‘killers’ freed for fresh investigation – AG

The Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Gloria Akuffo, has stated that the discontinuation of the case against the prime suspect at the centre of the murder of the Abukwa North MP, JB Danquah, is strategic to allow for a more comprehensive investigation to be conducted.

Daniel Asiedu was discharged by an Accra High Court presided by Justice LL Mensah together with Vincent Bosso after the Attorney General filed a Nolle Prosequi to terminate proceedings.

A senior state attorney Sefakor Batcha informed the court Tuesday the State can no longer pursue the case which has been in court for over a year.

Asiedu was arrested in 2016 after he was alleged to have stabbed the late MP with a knife leading to his death at his residence in Accra. Bosso was standing trial for abetment of robbery.

The lawmaker was killed on February 9, 2016 in his room at his Shiashie residence.

Commenting on the recent development, Ms Akuffo explained in an interview on Starr Midday News that “entering nolle prosequi does not permanently terminate proceedings” against Asiedu and his accomplice.

“It has become necessary to discontinue the action for now because having studied the docket there are certain areas that require further investigations. So we have not dropped the charges completely as it has been put out,” she told Starr Midday News’ Naa Dedei Tettey.

She added: “We want to go into the matter. We want the police to further investigate some aspect of the matter so that we can fully examine the totality of the evidence pertaining to that case.”

She, however, failed to disclose the aspects of the case needing further investigation saying, “professionally it would be imprudent.”

Asked if the investigation will commence immediately, she said: “Definitely” adding, “If I were not ready I will not have discontinued the case.”


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