Kwabena Kwabena
Kwabena Kwabena

Kwabena Kwabena performs in Amsterdam after dad’s death

‘Adult music’ star Kwabena Kwabena seems to be recovering fast from his grief as he was seen performing on stage in Amsterdam over the weekend.

The popular musician’s father, Samuel Boadu died on Thursday at his Achimota home after a long illness.

Kwabena Kwabena’s manger, Nelson Ansong last week told Starr Entertainment that the musician was devasted but strong enough to handle the tasks ahead of him including the much publicized “Save a Life” concert.

He has proven how strong he is by making it to Amsterdan’s “The Highlife Concert”, a show he was booked for earlier.

Kwabena Kwabena according to Starr Entertainment source performed for more than 40minute and did some of his popular songs, “Kyere Wo Do” “Aso” and “Adult Music”.

The 2014 ‘Save a Life’ concert comes off on Saturday, November 22 at the Adae Kesse Hall at the La Palm Beach Hotel in Accra.



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