‘Let’s uphold non-participatory rights of children in elections’

The Child Rights International (CRI), an organisation that focuses on issues concerning the welfare of children, has reminded political parties and groups and organisations that are politically inclined to be mindful of the electoral law that does not allow children below 18 years to have any political affiliation.

He was addressing the media at a press conference in Accra last Tuesday in relation to the non-participatory rights of children in elections in Ghana, and how all political parties have to work to protect children from engaging in political activities, be it advertisement or endorsement.


He commended the political parties, groups and organisations for observing the regulation in recent times, adding  “Political parties have demonstrated this commitment, as we see minimal use of children in political activities now and we want to commend them for that and do hope this will continue in our collective efforts to protect children in Ghana.”

The role of EC

He described the ruling by the Supreme Court that directed the Electoral Commission (EC) to delete names of children from the register, in relation to a law suit filed against the EC at the Supreme Court to delete the names of minors in the voters register, as a ‘consequential order,’ saying, “This is another commitment demonstrated by the Supreme Court in seeking and defending the best interest of children in Ghana.”

Mr Appiah urged the EC and other related institutions and individuals involved in the election process to prevent anybody suspected to be below 18 years from participating in the voting exercise.

He suggested to the EC, security agencies and political parties to ensure the safety of the children.

The media

The Executive Director of CRI also called on the media to report positively on children and to protect them throughout the election period, and at all times.”

Mr Appiah said Ghana needed peace and his organisation was committed to maintaining peace in the country and protecting children in the country because they were the most vulnerable.


The Child Rights International, a non-governmental organisation, was established in 1997 with the aim of fighting for the rights of children and protecting them. Its mission is to pursue a future where all children have the opportunity to realise their dream.



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