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Dearest Beloved Reader,
Imagine what it would be like to be able to instantly ooze confidence and joy without years of therapy? What about feeling irresistibly attractive without dieting, losing weight or buying a whole new wardrobe? Or, perhaps being incredibly successful with both your relationships and your work? 
Sound too good to be true? 
It’s not.
Over my last 30 plus years of working with clients, I’ve developed a very special process that enables you to instantly ooze total confidence, joy and authenticity.
It’s called the Diamond Self Process, and today I’m going to teach it to you.
But, first, there’s something important you need to know about your brain.
Did you know there is no such thing as a fixed structure in the brain that represents the self? The “I” or personal identity you think is permanent is actually a process in your neural network that is always in flux. Study after study has shown nothing in your brain is static. You can train and thereby change your brain’s image of self. So, while you might think your anxieties and low self-esteem are a permanent part of you, they aren’t.
I developed the Diamond Self Process to enable my coaching clients to deeply embody their best, most self-loving and confident selves— without years of therapy. With this revolutionary process, you are able to give yourself instructions about who you want to be.
In fact, I’ll get a little bit personal here. Even though my early childhood was impoverished and ravaged by a raging alcoholic father, a depressed mother, and physical abuse, I have personally used my Diamond Self Process to create miracles and happiness in all areas of my own life.
So, buckle your seat belt and get ready for some magical changes!
Here how to start to embody your Diamond Self.
Choose a Self-Loving Diamond Self Name. 
To anchor your most self-loving identity, you’re going to give yourself a new name. Yes, you  might be rolling your eyes a bit, but this works. I promise! Just stick with me and try it.
Now, if you’ve been following my work, you’ve probably heard me talk about the Diamond Self Name. This exercise takes it a step farther and is designed to banish self-sabotage.
    1.    Remember a time when you felt good about yourself. You can go all the way back to childhood if you need to. Put yourself in that picture so you are looking through your eyes then and really feel it.
2.    Imagine yourself better and better. Now even ten times better.

3.    Now take that image and bring it even closer to you. Really magnify those feelings. Make them stronger and stronger. This is your Self-Loving Diamond Self Identity — the part of you who is totally confident and lovable. Give this self a grande or playful nickname that includes your real name. For example, Beloved Julie, Adorable Anna, or Lovable Sarah. Mine is The Love Sentinel Diana. 
4.    Now shout out this nickname over and over along with any the other qualities or memories it brings to mind. Don’t wonder or judge whether you actually have these qualities. Just shout them out, even if they don’t make total sense. Let your intuition guide you. If you’d like to attach some of these qualities or memories to your new nickname go for it! For example, I have one high-powered attorney who ended up choosing Love Bunny Sharene. This did not fit who she seemed to be on the outside, but it totally liberated her and enabled her to create maximum happiness in her relationship and work.

Find a Song of Self-Love
Pick a love song that really sends you to the moon. This will now be your personal Love song to help you anchor your Self-Loving Diamond Self identity. Listen to it daily and before dates to really feel the effects.
One of my personal favorites is You are So Beautiful to Me by Joe Cocker. Love it!

Now, if you’re ready to truly be the woman you’ve always wanted to be, check out my ebook The Diamond Self Secret. In it, I go much more in-depth into this process and share tons more innovative exercises to help you embody your self-loving self. 

And, if you totally want to skyrocket your confidence and break patterns of pain and sabotage, now is the time to sign up for a free session with one of my Love Mentor Dating and Relationship Coaches. In fact, he or she can lead you through even more confidence-building exercises. You’ll also walk away with expert insights and advice tailored to your personal situation. Go here to schedule your free session.
Remember, all that you want to be is already within you. You’re already confident, loved, and beautiful. It’s just a matter of accessing that part of yourself.
Dr. Diana
Diana Adile Kirschner is an American psychologist and author.

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