National Service personnel demand police enlistment

National Service personnel who were enrolled on the Urban Road and Traffic Management Module have requested to be recruited into the Ghana Police Service.

The personnel who were trained to help the police manage traffic in some parts of the country say they have the requisite experience to work as police officers.

According to the president of the Greater Accra Association of Service Personnel, Mr Stallion Nyarko, it would be unfair for the police service to overlook personnel who have applied to train in the Service.

He said personnel who were placed on the Urban Traffic Module have “practical experience of police work”, thus, it would come as a surprise to them if they are not given priority over others.

“The National Service Scheme introduced the urban traffic module where personnel go through some police training to be deployed into various communities to go side by side police officers to direct traffic or engage in road management issues.

“We are surprised that we will not want to give a great boost to such an institution and make it a system where people who have been a part of the urban traffic module and shown interest in entering the mainstream police force will not be given priority. Because they’ve had practical experience of police work,” Mr Nyarko said.


Source: graphic.com.gh

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