Netanyahu row with Obama administration deepens

A row between the US and Benjamin Netanyahu has deepened, with the Israeli leader accusing America and others of “giving up” on trying to stop Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.

The US Secretary of State questioned Mr Netanyahu’s judgement on the issue.

Republican leaders have invited Mr Netanyahu to address the US Congress next week, angering Democrats.

A White House spokesman warned against reducing US-Israeli ties to a party political issue.

Earlier, US National Security Adviser Susan Rice said Mr Netanyahu’s visit was “destructive to the fabric of the relationship”.

In response Mr Netanyahu he said the US and others were “accepting that Iran will gradually, within a few years, will develop capabilities to produce material for many nuclear weapons”.

“I respect the White House and the president of the United States but on such a fateful matter, that can determine whether or not we survive, I must do everything to prevent such a great danger for Israel,” he said in a speech in Israel.

Late on Wednesday US Secretary of State John Kerry rebuffed Mr Netanyahu, saying: “He may have a judgment that just may not be correct here.”

He said it was premature to criticise nuclear the negotiations with Tehran. “The president has made clear – I can’t state this more firmly – the policy is Iran will not get a nuclear weapon,” Mr Kerry told senators.

He was speaking after returning from the latest round of nuclear talks involving Iran in Geneva.


Source: BBC

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