The “One corner” song went so wild, Ghanaians turned on their own darling, Kojo Nkansah popularly known as Lilwin on suspicions that he was trying to steal the shine of the song.

Speaking to Pastor Kumchacha on Thursday 16th November 2017, he suggested that he has buried the ONE CORNER song. Speaking to Green FM news, he said he has spoken to Patapaa several times in the physical realm but the young man  did not listen to his advice so he had a copy of his song on a disc and buried it physically and spiritually so that none of his song or music will be heard again. “I did that because there is a bad spirit behind that song one corner. It is killing people in the country. It is a demonic song.”

Patapaa in an interview with Green News on Friday 17th November 2017 said, he does not understand why the man of God is after his song .”Is he a hip life artiste? Which man of God is always talking about my song one corner?

According to Patapaa, the suggestion by Kumchacha that his song is demonic is not true and also alleged that the pastor rather worships idols. ”If God blesses you after you have waited upon the blessings of God, then definitely people will say bad things about you. Gods time is the best.”

He also said that, ”If Kumchacha likes, he should go to Hell and come he will still hear that song one corner dwiiii .” He gave an assurance that his music is going to hit during Christmas. It is going to be bad because when you are blessed and people talk about you, the more they talk, the more you are being blessed. ”I have even composed a song for Him which will come out during Christmas.

He admonished Pastor Kumchacha that as the end time is near he should rather concentrate on winning more souls for Christ and stop talking about his music one corner.


BY: Adjei Henry Owusu/

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