Togbe Afede declines offer to serve on NDC committee

The Agbogbomefia of Asogli, Togbe Afede XIV has declined an invitation to serve on the newly formed National Democratic Congress (NDC) economic committee.

“I am currently in London and just read the news of my appointment onto the committee online. I am sorry I cannot accept the offer because the Constitution does not permit chiefs to engage in politics.

I am willing to provide professional expertise to any government to serve the interest of Ghanaians but I cannot serve on any committee of any political party.” Togbe Afede told graphic online’s correspondent Mabel Aku Baneseh in a telephone interview.

“I am yet to receive a formal communication to that effect and have since called someone to forward the appointment letter to me so I can respond formally. But for now, I will decline the offer if indeed it exists,” Togbe noted.

Asked if he was not informed prior to the appointment, Togbe said, “I received a notification to that effect some weeks ago but I drew the attention of the person who contacted me to the constitutional provision precluding chiefs from engaging in partisan politics. Indeed, a code of ethics adopted by the National House of Chiefs, seeks, among others, to ensure compliance by chiefs with this constitutional provision. However, the person said the issue was at a consideration stage only for me to read about it in the media.”

Aside from the constitution barring him from actively serving political parties, Togbe Afede said even if the constitution did not bar him, he currently had numerous engagements as a businessman, and could, therefore, not accept the offer.

“I wish to assure Ghanaians and any government in power that I am available to offer advice that will propel development but I cannot serve on any political committee,” Togbe Afede added.


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