Unleashing Ghana’s e-commerce potential – the role of industry players

The internet which is now the single most addictive and expanding positive endemic was introduced a few decades ago and has undoubtedly become the world’s 8th wonder. Can you envisage the world without internet now? Almost every business entity in the world uses the internet in various capacities and ways that may even blow your mind. Some European and American countries have improved technologies that go as far as opening doors to their offices and homes.

The evolution of the internet has come to involve a  new aspect which is quite popular. E-commerce, also referred to as online business is the newest and most beneficial facet of the internet phenomenon in the 21st century. Every business entity now craves online visibility. The benefits of transacting business online is usually understated.

In Ghana, many businesses have transformed from the traditional mode of doing business to e-commerce which has proven to be faster, reliable and efficient. With virtually everyone online these days,  social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn amongst others represent over 40% of the online presence with a combined figure of over 10 million users daily. This has the power to grow any business faster than any known marketing module or strategy.

Speaking at the 2nd edition of the Ghana E-commerce Expo in Accra, the country manager of in Ghana – Claire Staal stated “today, nearly every business entity is online in one way or the other and not having your business online is like opening a shop in an isolated place and not telling anyone about it.”

Ghana has now become the one-stop destination for almost every e-commerce entity that wants to enter the African market. The people are business minded and the acceptance of technology and e-commerce increases with each passing day. Nearly 65% of Ghanaian businesses are now online in many forms. The country can now boast of several online portals and marketplaces as well as social media pages and accounts that have proved beneficial in maximizing profit and increasing brand awareness and visibility.

The evolution is not yet complete, with an increase in customer demand for easy, fast and efficient ways of transacting business and the development of new technologies, e-commerce has a great potential to further develop in Africa and Ghana to be specific.



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