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Angry: Bullet blasts former employees for spreading false info about him and Wendy Shay


Artiste Manager and CEO of Rufftown Records, Ricky Nana Agyemang has come out to blast his former signees(employees) who have been going about ranting and spreading false information about him and Wendy Shay.

Over the past 2 years, the internet has been filled with the news about the alleged love affair between Wendy Shay and Bullet ever since she Was signed unto Rufftown record label.

Bullet, in a live video addressing the long-standing issue between himself and Wendy Shay, sounded very angry.

Reacting to the issue, he said it’s none of anyone’s business to know about the relationship he has with the ‘Astalavista’ hitmaker.

According to him, the fact that he’s Wendy’s manager doesn’t give him the free access to find his way in her or better still uses her as a sex machine not to to even talk of dating her.

Bullet mentioned that his former employees are just envious of him because of the level he has reached and the power he carries in the entertainment industry. No one can bring him down.

He described them as fools who just depreciate the love and care he showed them when they were with him.


Bullet dared his former workers to come out and say to the world the bad things they did against him that nearly cost him greatly else he’ll expose them.

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