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Boycott all South Africa products, ban all SA flights in and out of Nigeria- Comrade Barry Ndu


Comrade Barry Ndu Nwaihim, Coordinator of Rebranded Nigerian Youths in Ghana Organization and Convener of the Ghana Nigeria Youth Initiative, has called on the Nigerian Government to ensure the total ban of all South African Businesses in Nigeria.

He also urged Nigerians and indeed all Africans who are annoyed with the continuous attack on foreign Nationals to boycott all South African products till the Government and people of South Africa stop the xenophobic attack on citizens of other countries.

He wondered why the Nigerian Government is yet to take a drastic action against South Africa for the constant bullying, intimidation, burning of shops and killing of Nigerian citizens. Comrade Barry expressed total disgust and annoyance with the way even the South African Government keep treating the sad situation especially with the press release of a minister in South Africa indirectly justifying the killings and atrocity.

‘In Nigeria, South Africans own different Businesses without any form of molestation from our people. They make so much money from our massive population of hard working people and send same back to their country but we have continuously shown love to people from all race and origin without any form of molestation. This cannot continue. The African Union needs to wake up from their slumber and begin to take right actions that would unite us as Africans and not keep calm when other Africans are being maligned for no just reason. Why our leaders would be quick to condemn any act that affects the west but remain mute when our own people are involved, he asked.

Comrade Barry Ndu recounted the financial commitment and massive support many African countries particularly Nigeria showed to South Africa during Apartheid but wondered why they would be paid back with such distasteful act. He asked their youths to look for jobs that would better their lives rather than looking for people’s shops to loot. He concluded by asking them to hold their leaders accountable for their condition and warned that if these attacks on innocent Nigerians continue, he would mobilize Nigerian youths to take action.

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