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Coronavirus: Lesotho, Zimbabwe announce lockdowns, Kenya enforces curfew


Despite being among Africa’s virus-free nations, Lesotho Prime Minister Tom Thabane, has announced a lockdown starting from Saturday, March 28, South African portal Eye Witness News reports.

The Mountain Kingdom landlocked by South Africa has not recorded any confirmed COVID-19 cases. It relies on South Africa to help with testing as it does not have the capacity to do so.

But on Friday, Ethiopian Airlines delivered coronavirus (COVID-19) test kits, masks, and protective suits donated by Chinese billionaire Jack Ma. The consignment arrived a day earlier than expected.

Lesotho’s ambassador to the African Union Mafa Sejanamane said delivery of the consignment was moved forward to ensure that it didn’t clash with South Africa’s national lockdown.

Meanwhile South Africa has revised the death toll of two to one after Health Minister Mkhize said one of the two persons announced earlier on Friday did not die of the virus.

The lockdown took effect with largely reports of obedience but also defiance in parts of the country leading security forces to make arrests and force others out of the streets. South Africa is Africa’s most impacted country with over 1,000 cases so far.

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa also announced late Friday that the country will go into lockdown from Monday, March 30, in an effort to control the spread of coronavirus.

So far, the country has recorded five cases and one death, 30-year-old journalist Zororo Makamba. The low number of cases though “need not induce complacency”, Mr Mnangagwa said in an address to the nation.

For three weeks from Monday, Zimbabweans will be required to stay at home, except to buy food and access vital health services.

The southern African country is allowing the use of the US dollars again, reversing last year’s ban on foreign currencies – a move aimed at supporting the already struggling economy against the effects of coronavirus.

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