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COVID-19 FIGHT – Parliament’s problem is leadership — Inusah Fuseini


Member of Parliament for Tamale Central and Ranking member of the select committee on Constitutional, Legal and Parliament Affairs, Hon. Inusah Abdulai Bistav Fuseini has asserted that, lack of leadership is what parliament is struggling with in this period of covid-19. According to him Parliament should have shown leadership in its dealings amidst the pandemic.

Speaking in an interview on the Anopa Bosuo Morning show on Green FM, the Honorable Member revealed that, “as Members of Parliament, certain things we do are not right, we should show leadership. When the corona virus broke out, I told the Majority leader, the First Deputy speaker, the Minority leader and the whip that we should do the test in a passport form. In the sense that when you are tested, whether the results come or not, they should give you a mark and it is that mark that you will have to show before you enter parliament. That becomes your passport to parliament. They did not accept and that’s why we are seeing all these problems”

He explained further stating that “some workers in parliament and some Members of Parliament did not go for the test, others tested positive for the virus, you don’t know those people and it’s difficult to exclude them, there is no passport. So that’s the problem we are facing, it’s a leadership problem”

According to him “Parliament should have immediately directed us to test after the recess and due to the fact that we traveled outside Parliament. No member is to enter parliament until the results are out. If you don’t do that and you ask us to go and work, then those who are infected whose results are not yet out will spread the infection. So that’s why I say it’s a leadership matter.”

He subsequently alleged that leadership from the majority side subjected members of parliament and all others who work within the confines of parliament to this risk for political reasons, which was to see out the maturation of the constitutional instrument the the Electoral Commission had sent to parliament.

“It all came down to one thing, the majority in parliament and the speaker wanted the C.I to mature, so they placed priority on the C.I more than the health of members of parliament. For political considerations, we exposed ourselves to unacceptable level of risk”

Citing an example to support his claim of lack of leadership in parliament in this period of the COVID 19 pandemic, the legislator stated that “even the health minister when he was infected by the coronavirus, he was still coming to parliament, you remember what the majority leader said to the media? He did not have the courage to tell that person not to come. You know someone’s status, tell him not to come to parliament, you couldn’t do that and you go and grant and interview in the media saying that some people are infected and yet are still coming to parliament”

Wriiten by Evans Quaye

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