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Critical cases and covid related deaths, not enough basis for a decision on restrictions – John Janipor.

The President Nana Addo Danquah during a visit by the chiefs and queen mothers of the Anlo Traditional area yesterday hinted that government will only consider relaxing the restriction imposed on social gatherings if there is a reduction in the critical cases and covid -19related deaths.

“Fortunately for us, the number of people who have died from the disease is very small. Each death is unfortunate but nevertheless, the numbers in Ghana are small,” he said noting that the number of people in serious conditions is also very small.
“If it continues that way, then it gives us the opportunity to be looking at how we can ease many of the restrictions that is making life very difficult,” he said.

But speaking on Metro TV’s Good Morning Ghana and monitored by, the former Deputy Minister of Energy responsible for power in the erstwhile-Mahama-government, Mr. John Janipor described the president’s thinking as faulty.
According to him using the number of critical cases and covid-19 related deaths as the
benchmark for determining the easing of the restriction will not be an accurate tool since it was not the reason why the restrictions were imposed.

He stated that the restrictions were imposed to control the spread of the virus, a situation which is on the high. Therefore, he suggested rather that the government uses the number of cases being recorded as the basis for taking a decision on the restriction.

“I disagree with what the President has said. I’m saying that the ultimate objective should
rather be rate of spread. The key issue is that you want to bring the rate of spread under
control and not the rate of deaths because the rate of deaths is contingent on the cases.”
He concluded by saying “The problem confronting Ghana is the rate of spread and so let’s
focus our attention on the rate of spread, bring the daily active case to a barest minimal, when we do that, we are sure we can contain that, then we will be making progress but to use symptoms and critical conditions as the yardstick, you will be missing the point completely”

Written by: Evans Quaye

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