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The launching of the New Democratic Congress (NDC) manifesto has created a lot of controversies in the country. Mr. Boakye Yiadom, an independent Political Analyst in an open interview has shared his opinion on the upcoming manifesto launch on Green FM’s, Anopa Bosuo saying:

“…The NDC manifesto has taken too long because a party that is on opposition should have launched their manifesto long time ago because they want to come to power before the ruling party launches theirs but it is better late than never …”. Hesays

 According to the political analyst, he will happy if the NDC could refund the money they promised concerning the Fund managers like the Gold fund, DKM, Banks, Microfinances and other fund management which were collapsed by the NPP government during their time in power.

“since he promised fund managers, Gold fund manager and other fund management which were collapsed by the NPP government to refund the affected people’s money, I will happy if they put it in their manifesto…”

 He added that it will be a delight if the NDC added the health sector to the promises in their manifesto to improve the National Health Insurance Scheme(NHIS) in their manifesto.

“…Private health care, I do not know how different that is from the health care that the general health insurance is providing or maybe they have a particular sickness that currently that the NHIS is not covering now that they want to establish or launch on board in their manifesto”

He said, “I have heard that the NDC has set about 10billion dollars to use for infrastructures. For infrastructures development NDC is good as compared to other political parties because NDC base on infrastructure more than another issues.”

Written by: Nyarko Yaa Sarkodie


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