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Employers could have helped reduce Covid-19 effects – Labour Expert


The spring up and rapid spread of the Corona Virus infection has had dire effects on the Ghanaian economy as many businesses are forced to close down while others have had to lay off their workers.

A recent business survey conducted by the Ghana statistical service (GSS), the World Bank and the United Nations development program (UNDP) shows that about 770,000 workers representing 25% of the total workforce had their salaries reduced while 42,000 employees were laid off amidst the corona virus outbreak.

Government has asked employees and business owners to remain calm as they are working on reviving the economy but there’s still a worry among many Ghanaians as several of them think this may be one of government’s promises to score political points.

Mr. Boakye Yiadom a governance and labour expert in an interview has shared his thoughts on the impact of corona virus pandemic on individuals and businesses in the country.

According to the labour Expert, the pandemic threw a lot of business owners into panic and hence they took a panic action regarding their workforce and various businesses. He added that the decision to reduce salaries and in many cases lay off some workers should have been collaborative in that Employers should have discussed this with their employees and both parties in like manner should sit down and suggest adjustments where necessary as this would have resolved the instance where employees are left on the fence after being laid off.

“The world did not anticipate that anything like this will happen this year. The virus made a lot of companies take a panic action against their workers, which shouldn’t be so. This decision should have been collaborative so that the workers can also create an adjustment where necessary. This would have curbed all the issues employees are facing right now.” He explained.

Mr. Boakye Yiadom again added that in as much as the Ghanaian workforce is suffering as a result of the severity of the pandemic the government is also suffering because all direct taxes that these individuals will pay would be lost and this in effect affects the revenue of the country.

“All taxes these employees pay would be lost and by this the state loses revenue. Employers should have discussed this with their workers before they go home so they and government can create an adjustment for this.” He argued.

The labour expert finally agreed that the pandemic had undoubtedly affected individuals and businesses globally as even the SEL (Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories) lost 10 billion dollars in this period and had therefore laid off 10,000 employees.

He again urged the Government, individual bodies and companies to develop solid solutions to solve this situation and shun politicizing the issue as we are one people apart from our diverse political sentiments.

“At the end of this, we have to exist. Political accusation should be a thing of the past. We should come together to fight this situation till it ends because we are not in normal times”. He said.

Written by: Naa Oshedu Lois/ greenfmonline

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