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Executive Director Of ASEPA jabs Bawumia

Dr. Thompson Mensah, the Executive Director of the Alliance for Social Equity
and Public Accountability(ASEPA) has disputed Vice President of Ghana, Dr.
Mahamadu Bawumia’s assertion at the Jubilee House in an interaction with the
Press on Monday, May 4 2020. In a rebuttal to an allegation made by the former
President John Dramani Mahama on Thursday, April 30 suggesting that the
government has neglected projects he started during his regime and this has
contributed to the weakness in our health system as exposed by Covid 19.

Dr. Bawumia told the former president to look at the available data before he
draws such conclusions.

“We have been able to perform much better on the situation we inherited. In fact the
data makes it very clear. My humble advice to former President Mahama is to take a
look at the data. This is not ‘green book data’, this is the real data, look at it again
before you speak, otherwise you will end up embarrassing yourself,” he stated.

But speaking on Green Fm today Mr. Mensah Thompson mentioned that the Vice
President’s delivery had no basis and was absolutely ‘empty’.

“Dr. Bawumia should know that occupying the office of the Vice President, you
are just an inch to occupy the office of the president. So you must conduct
yourself in such a way that in future if the seat becomes vacant, Ghanaian will
have confidence that as for Bawumia we can vouch for him to take over the
country, but with what we are seeing, nobody will sit down, if you hand over
Ghana to Bawumia, he will collapse the country” he concluded.


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