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Security Expect and Chief executive officer (CEO) for the Africa Centre for Security and Intelligent Studies (ACSIS), Mr. Paul Coonley Boateng, has described the current happenings in the country as disgraceful, since some external forces are supporting the defaulters and had several meetings with some of these embassy’s to take the law into their own hands.

He says he knows these external forces encourage others through their meeting and use different ways to ensure chaos is created amongst the people then they take advantage of them to extract their oil.

He continued that some influential people from the Volta region, embassy and external forces are in connection with these people where they have written letters sent to the UN, to buck up their actions.

The Security Expect says he is appealing to the government to sit up and take action to clear the issue once and for all since it has been long overdue or else it will get to a point where prominent people will be kidnapped.

He cautioned that if the issue had been taken seriously and dealt with, the people from Western Togo Land will not have the power to block roads and other, and If nothing is done fast it will get to a point where what they do cannot be controlled.

Mr. Paul added that their actions will have negative impact on the country where terrorists will take advantage and attack the country like they did to Mali and Burkina Faso. Therefore, government should take immediate action and work effectively to help the nation Ghana and not wait till the harm is done before cautioning citizens to take care of themselves.

Finally, he mentioned that the biggest problem in Ghana is that people do not know how to foretell if something is about happening so they prevent it or protect themselves, but before something like the killing of people in the Western Togo land happens, no matter what there will be some form of rumors, therefore securities are supposed to take quick action and not wait till it happens before the police issues a statement.

Written by Gadrey Philomena/

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