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Forget your distractions


Distractions can seriously erode our focus, and our ability to work effectively. Often, the distraction itself is not so bad. The real damage comes from the way we react to it. We tend to make distractions much worse by letting them get to us, and by worrying about them long after they’re over.

Though you can certainly take steps to minimize them, many distractions are unavoidable. Yet there’s no reason for you to let them disrupt your focus.

Keep in mind that you are in control of your thoughts. When a distraction comes along, take the steps necessary to end it as quickly as possible, and then forget about it. Find a way to dismiss it once and for all in your mind, such as saying to yourself “It doesn’t matter” or “Isn’t that silly.”

Get back to what you were doing with the full attention of your mind. It takes some intentional effort and practice, and the result will be a more focused, more effective you. 


Kofi Asante Mensah

(Motivational Scientist)

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