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Mr. Atik Mohammed, the General Secretary of the People’s National Convention has discredited allegations made by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to the effect that the Electoral Commission is not engaging political parties enough over the 2020 polls. The NDC in a press conference accused the EC of deliberately ignoring their views in a quest to rig the upcoming general elections for the governing NPP with the active connivance of the National Identification Authority

Mr. Mohammed in expressing his displeasure in the interview on the Anopa Bosuo Morning Show mentioned that in as much as the views and opinions of parties should not be ignored in democracy, such views must be constructive and seek to develop the process for the general good but not one which only serves self seeking interests. He opined that, the Electoral Commission’s decisions to compiling a new voters register was duly communicated to IPAC (Inter-Party Advisory Committee), a committee created by the commission to share information and also deliberate on same with stakeholders. He however believes if a party boycotts such meetings called by the Commission like the NDC did, it can not turn around and discredit the decisions taken .

“ All the political partties were given invitation by the EC and one of the agenda was the the compilation of a new voters register, the NDC boycotted that meeting citing the covid 19 as their basis, an excuse which i think was flimzy. We deliberated on all the issues and came to a conclusion. Whatever issues the NDC is currently raising could have been raised at the IPAC meeting but they failed to take advantage of that opportunity and used the covid 19 as a reason. So if the Electoral commission calls a meeting and you don’t come, I feel it’s unfair to come after you have failed to take advantage of the meeting to start accusing the EC of not engaging”

By: Josephine Nana Adjoa Yeboah

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