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Hon. Ernest Norgbey has said that Alhaji Larry Labaran Barry is always avoiding a meeting between the two parties because of his incompetence and incapacity to battle.

He expresses his surprise why the Parliamentary Candidate (PC) could avoid such an opportunity which was a huge chance for him to speak to his constituents so as to vote for him to come to power but he keeps giving flimsy excuses.

He continued to say than since 2016 till date, they have only met once in an occasion during the 2016 campaign at the Ashaiman traffic light when the media was engaging the then and current parliamentary candidate for the NPP, Alhaji Labaran at the traffic light to which Norgbey was not invited to but rather he joined as a sign of togetherness.

Since then he says, they have never met on any other platform even though many of that platforms have been created including that of the Abato) Road Show organized by Green Media Group which is one of the best programs he said he has attended and was expecting his opponent to attend in order for both of them to throw their visions and also know from their constituents what exactly they need for the 2020 elections.

However, Norgbey made known his utmost disappointment in the parliamentary candidate for the NPP Alhaji Larry Labaran Barry not only him but the MCE who was appointed by the government, it seems the opposition party has already lost the battle that is why these two gentlemen who are standing in for the government in power could not show up at the crucial day like this.

He then advised that the NPP should have gone for a candidate or someone in the person of Dr. Gregory Kwatia the Financial and Administrative Chairman of the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly (ASHMA) who represented the Assembly at the same time the Parliamentary Candidate of the party.

He further urged the people that going into 2024 elections, they should choose or give the opportunity to Dr. Kwatia whom Norgbey says he thinks is intelligent, smart and best fit to be a candidate who can compete with him in such a battle and not Alhaji Labaran who is not fit and a no battle for him, but just a cool chop for him.

Confidently speaking, Hon. Ernest Norgbey added in that this very year, he will still maintain his seat as the member of parliament (MP) for Ashaiman and continue to do his good works.

Finally, he alleged that Alhaji Larry Labaran Barry has just ruled himself out of the race from the look of things, for that matter of fact he needs not waste his time much campaigning to the people and the constituencies who were present at the Abato) Road Show maiden edition hence have taken their decisions into the December 7, 2020 elections and he is very much sure that his own people have lost interest in him and will go out and campaign for others.

This Abato) Road Show is one outstanding program organized by the Green Media Group to bring to Ghanaians election matters, its survey, education and share the views and opinions of citizens about what they are looking for in a political candidate or the other.

More details on the next road show will be communicated soon on all our platforms.

Written by Gadrey Philomena/    

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