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Every country has its own security put in place and the character of citizens in the country determines the kind of security that should be put in place. Any security expert that encourages some characters of citizens will make them trample over the securities and decides what should be done, Security Expert and CEO for ACSIS mentioned.

 Security of a country depends on the country in question, Ghana and Africa as a whole are special as compared to some countries, the behaviour of both are different when it comes to courtesy, Ghana is a respectful and peaceful country.

He added that he was not surprised when he heard some countries praising Ghana, because of the training they had gone through unlike Ghana. Ghana police has a good attitude which always draws the attention of others to always want to visit and learn from them.

Sometimes things do not go well but the police manage and also want other people to improve. Rating Ghana and West African, he says other countries or even West Africa cannot match up to Ghana when it comes to knowledge and security. When countries are mentioned in Africa, in terms of knowledge and security, Ghana is not left out, no matter what, there will be crimes here and there but when it comes to the security aspect compared in Africa, Ghana is leading. Sometimes when crimes happen, the protectors of the nation are blamed but it is normal. He stated.

Mr. Paul Coonley Boateng said that, most often, the work of the police is not announced for people to know but if they are encouraged and allowed to do their work, they will do it diligently and efficiently. If politics is left out of security agencies and the law is allowed to work without interference, they will perform their task and people will be at peace as it was in the past.

Citizens have a part to play in the security of the country, they are to report crimes they see or witness to help protect the nation and by giving the security experts the necessary information they need as well as government doing what is expected of them to help the experts do their work. Everybody knows there is peace in Ghana. The security expert advised.

Written by Gadrey Philomena/Greenfmonline.coom

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