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Mr. Amon Kotei a local Governance Expert expressing his displeasure on the irregularities of the nation’s Common Fund as revealed in the 2019 Auditor General’s report on Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies has said that Ghanaians are not lunatics as many Politicians perceive.

On Green FM’s Anopa Bosuo the Local Governance Expert explained that the irregularities are as a result of excessive spending in government departments and agencies and the initiation of irrelevant ministerial positions in parliament.

“You’ve created Zongo development Ministers and all that…why won’t there be overspending.” He expressed.

Mr. Amon Kotei further advised Ghanaians to desist from following politicians blindly and change political parties every four years as this will make politicians and political parties accountable.

“…If we change them every four years we will put them on their toes. You see the way some of them are constructing roads they feel the need to be favoured by the people.” He stressed.

“Ghanaians are not foolish we know what is going on. He added.

At the same time, the Auditor General has expressed worry on the irregularities of the common fund as these disparities could be attributed to mismanagement by District Assemblies despite past warnings for the consistent malefaction.

“I observed that the Assemblies awarded fresh projects when earlier ones had not been completed leading to the suspension of work as a result of non-payment of works certificates.” The report read.

Written by Naa Oshedu Lois/

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