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Green media launches ELECTION DOME – an official coverage of the 2020 General Elections at the forecourt of Green TV. Madam Kina Likkimani – the programs manager at ODEKRO and a guest at the occasion in a live discussion shares her view on why Ghanaians have continually stuck to the two major political parties in Ghana – the NPP and NDC.
In the discussion she explained that, though the country has been raveling between the two parties for over twenty five (25) years there’s still a chance for a change in these two parties as Ghanaians are gradually getting tired of the their inability to tackle the issue of corruption in the country.
“Ghanaians are getting tired. Especially as these two political parties are unable to solve issues in relation to curbing corruption in the country. These two major political parties think we have permanently settled on them but there’s still a chance for change as both parties are slightly different from each other. In any case I don’t think the other political parties will act differently.”
she emphasized.
According to the ODEKRO Programs Manager, if Political Parties have to change, we as a people need to push them to change as politics is a part of our everyday lives. “If political parties should change we need to push them to change. We need to be demanding because in a vacuum of demand they will do what they want.” She declared.
She encouraged Ghanaians to come out to vote; come 2020 General Elections and in effect hold Government accountable for the power given them as our jobs as citizens does not end on voting but making government responsible for the opportunity given them. “Don’t just blindly follow your party. Vote for them and when they assume power and we feel they’re not doing what is right let’s let them know they are wrong.” The ODEKRO Programs Manager maintained.
We need to be more sophisticated in how we show our support to our various political parties. We need to get them to do the things they said they would do otherwise we will just keep on changing candidates with no results coming forth”. She stressed.
She finally advised Ghanaians especially the youth to organize themselves at the community level to deliberate on issues of national interest and also hold our district heads accountable for their proposed projects concerning the community. “When you see your MP hold them accountable to what they’re doing in parliament. When you see your MP and something they did was wrong let them know that because of this and that I may not vote for you. This puts fire on our leaders. We need to be insistent on what we want from our leaders.” She finally added.

Written by: Naa Oshedu Lois


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