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Mr. Boakye Yiadom a Political Analyst has said that as a citizen, we are not supposed to be happy about failure of candidates in the WASSCE. Having the perception that when students fail, president will score marks whether good or bad is not the best as this social mischief is uncalled for.

He cautioned Ghanaians to be a bit patriotic and be citizens, not spectators as the nation building is not for only an individual but for everyone. Students in school writing examination or those who have completed do not belong to a particular political party but rather all the parties.

When the students fail, we gain nothing as a nation, so letters circulating on social media claiming to dent the image of the president when it is released is not going to help build the nation. It has to be relegated to its background because the country is growing and our country has practiced democracy for 24 years in this fourth republic. He explained

The Educationist explained that the expected result was not what came out, there was an expectation that students from the public sector thus the free SHS students would do better than those from the private sector. Since the students from the public sector have everything at their disposal unlike the students from the private sector who would have to toil with their parents to settle their fees.

However, he explained that the circumstance under which the students wrote their examinations in reference to the COVID outbreak causing the them to stay home and later go back to prepare within 3 weeks to write exams as well as political issues that came against students going back to school, scaring them about COVID.

Mr. Yiadom expressed his disappointment, even though it is not what was expected, it is better than the results from 2019, because of the outbreak of the virus, it has affected the students as well as the candidates, so the results will be taken as it is and there will be an expectancy that the coming years will be the best.  The overall performance is not that bad.

He added that the free SHS implemented by the president would have been evaluated based on the performance of the candidates by the end of the third year to access its impact but the virus made it such that it could not be evaluated.

Ghanaians cannot say the free SHS has not impacted the education system positively, aside the challenges, it is still good. The only challenge is the double track system which cannot be eradicated at a go but from time to time it can be done since Ghana Education Service (GES) is absorbing some private schools into the public systems.

It is a gradual process for the double track to be scrapped off for the free SHS to take effect fully to help all students go to school and return at the same time. The impact can be measured as the year goes.

He advised that remedial classes should be instituted in the schools during vacation to fetch some amount of money as well as prevent the facilities from lying idle. Those students who failed could go for the remedial classes when the free SHS students are on vacation, this will help maintain the facilities and also make the scraping off of the double track system smooth.

Written by Gadrey Philomena/

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