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Security Expert, Mr. Paul Coonley Boateng has admonished all Ghanaians to take precaution and learn a lesson from the protest happening in Nigeria.

He added that every country has its own way of preventing certain things by putting measures in place to protect their citizens, therefore the ECOWAS does not provide security or protection to any country but instead what they do is to advise when issues pop up, they also do not have any military force they can send to curtail any coup.

He also added that the ECOWAS only come in when they realize the issue is getting out of hand, therefore, Ghanaians should always say positive things that will move the country forward and not destroy it, and they should also preach peace and not go against the law.

Also, he urged the media to give out good reportage not one that will encourage the youth to do things that will go against the laws of the land, that is what will put a stop to all these ‘so called’ peace protest, but if Ghanaians decide to follow political ambitions and say or do things that will affect the police that will make what happened to Nigerians to get to Ghana will not help us.

Ghana is a peaceful country, therefore we do not want any form of violence. 

Written by Gadrey Philomena/

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