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Security Expert, Paul Boateng has stated that “there is no smoke without fire” some Ghanaians have started criticizing the Ghana police by comparing them to the south. Security experts should try and monitor them so they put a stop to it to prevent any coup from happening so it does not become a political thing. “I can only advice as that is what I do”.

The manner in which people are talking against the Ghana police is very dangerous and should not be entertained in anyway. The Ghana police should invite the people comparing them to the south and advise them. Ghanaians should know that security policies put in place is not the same as other countries therefore, it should not be decided by some saboteurs because it is not right. He advised.

Mr. Boateng said everything happening in Nigeria now is as a result of Regime Change Agenda, therefore, the Nigerian government is supposed to meet with their citizens and put measures in place on how to solve the current situation they have, instead of using brute force which they know will go against them, because when they try using only brute force, it will become something else and the military will have to take over.

Psychologically, the END SARS has effects, because the coup happened in the 60’s which affected Ghana, Nigeria and all the African countries but this current one has to do with the youth, where the young men are the ones used, they make them feel they understand them, therefore these young people do not care what happens in the end.

He added that the organizers are just some few saboteurs who look for loopholes to confuse people to join them, this is what is causing the protests. The protests is not from one organization but rather ideas from different people put together but with everything happening in Nigeria now, anyone from Ghana can also decide to do something like that.

He announced that his write up was based on the Diabolical Regime Change Tactics which is happening and heading towards West Africa.

He explained that mostly, what the saboteurs do is look for a loophole in the system and use it to encourage civil disobedience which leads to demonstrations and provoke conflicts in the system in a way that invites the military to take over.

However, he said it happened in Burkina Faso then disappeared from West Africa to Sudan which was never heard until it appeared again in Mali but unfortunately it is now coming to Nigeria and Guinea but if Ghana is not vigilant, it will get to us right after the elections.

Also, he made it clear that the security experts are to try their best to curtail those things from happening, but observing the trend of Nigeria now, if one really understands how protection is done and how it goes, it will not be surprising.

Mr. Paul Coonley Boateng also admonished the Nigerian government to try and restraint the protesters because that is the only thing they can do to solve the situation. Hence, their intelligence community in Nigeria know those in charge of the ENDSARS, and have to use their intelligence to identify the organizers of the SARS.

Written by Gadrey Philomena/

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