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Mr. Joseph Arhin, a Security Expert has urged the government to offer assembly men and women more education on maintaining our culture in the society to avoid recurring vices.

According to him, Ghana has a life of celebrating events and opening ceremonies while the country’s culture is being abandoned and neglected to its fate.

He explains on the Anopa Bosuo Show-Green FM, that the monitoring of culture in the society is to ensure the proper planning of crop cultivation at the appropriate venue and also, settlements of individuals in the society.

The Security Expert goes on to say that reinforcement agencies relax on laws passed on to them and this, he says they are not monitored to act up with tasks given them.

Mr. Joseph Arhin added also that the lack of culture maintenance is the major cause of present deaths and vigilantism.

‘…Our problem is maintenance issues, where we are not supposed to build houses, we build, we plant where we are not supposed to and all that. All these should have been catered for by the Assemblies and that is what they have abandoned, forgetting that they are also included in the security of the country…’. He said.

Mr. Joseph Arhin then appealed to security analysts in the country to advise the Akuffo-Addo-Administration on that note.

Written By: Josephine Nana Adjoa Yeboah/

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