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Guns do not make you a gangster – Gemann to Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale


Popular Musician cum Pastor G’Love Gemann has advised the two feuding Dancehall musicians Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale that guns do not protect either does it make them gangsters, therefore they should put their guns down. 

According to the Highlife in G Major Musician, guns are weapons of destruction and not for protection, so entertainers should not be excited showing off their guns.

In reacting to the fracas between Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale on stage at the 20th edition of VGMAs, the founder and president of New Life Christian Love Fellowship in a Facebook live video questioned why entertainers who are not trained to use guns to defend the country would want to use or acquire guns.

Recounting his ordeal, Gemann stated that when he decided to settle down in Ghana many years ago after sojourn in Europe, he was told that robbery incidence frequently happen at where he resided thus Dome CFC, a suburb of Accra, therefore he was advised by a police friend to acquire a pistol where he can give warning shots to scare the robbers away.

“I believed what he said. I was ignorant back then so I thought yeah let’s get a pistol and we would scare people with this pistol. As a very naïve young man I thought that getting a pistol was a good idea,” he said. 

Gemann added that he was not trained on how to use it but all he was taught was how to cock and fire it. 

“I was an entertainer and didn’t know anything about firearms but you see the pride of life was what led me to get a firearm thinking that guns will protect me. On the day of trouble, your weapon cannot save,” he noted. 

Advising the duo, Gemann said none of those following the musicians will go into the condemn cells should the unfortunate had happened in the Dome of Accra International Conference Center. 

“You can do all that you want to do but guns are things you have to stay away from, no matter how provoked or crazy you may be if that trigger goes off and somebody dies no amount of sympathy will save you,” he warned.

He indicated that as someone who used to sleep in 5-star hotels around the world when he was sentenced to a prison somewhere in 1995, he was confined to a 12-inches space with 6 other people. 

“Put the guns down and do your showbiz if that is what excites you if that is what is bringing money to you; enjoy your fame and money but guns don’t make you a gangster,” he stressed. 

‘Emotional’ G’Love Gemann reiterated that on that fateful day of his incidence, he wanted to frighten the taxi driver who had to drop off his female friend Nadia that is why he brought out his gun but his intentions and actions were not something he had planned and the unfortunate happened. 

He, therefore, called on Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale to stop pulling out guns and use their talents to make an impact for those looking up to them for “if God does not protect you, it is not guns that will protect you”.

source: Ghanaweb

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