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Security Expert and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Africa Centre for Security and Intelligence Studies (ACSIS), Mr. Paul Coonley Boateng has explained that he is understanding and not discouraged about all that is going on, but what happens is when someone says something that favours the politician, the politicians call to congratulate but when it goes against them, they sit to say bad things about that person.

Adding to the above, he mentioned that everything going on does not discourage him in any way, whatever he sees and knows will affect the nation, he will voice it out because he knows he is risking his life, yet he will still take his stance knowing very well the politicians are not happy and will work against his efforts.

“I love my country that is the reason why I did not stay in a foreign country but came back to Ghana, if I realize the things done will affect the nation, I will not be quiet about it therefore if they understand it will be good, but if they don’t, I will still not stop”. Ghana’s democracy is nice yet it is annoying some people, they pretend to like it but they are not happy thinking about how a small country like Ghana is making a name for herself, hence when things are done well, it will be destroyed. Mr. Boateng expressed.

The security expert said based on the prediction he made in August 2020 about how things will get out of control in October if the government does nothing about it, he added that he was not surprised at all because he knew very well things will not work out.

He expressed discontent that no one asked him about his predictions, even when he risked his life in Burkina Faso to bring information, the authorities did not call to ask or say anything but the politicians rather use it and discredit the security experts. Recently, the Information Minister spoke against me when I went to speak on TV about foreigners backing the people from “Western Togo” land without asking or calling me to deny talking about the issue, but they granted interview that it is true caller knowledge.

Everything is being politicized, no one in authority questioned him to find out about his prediction coming through and the way forward or asking for assistance. I am doing my work, as well as contributing to help the country so whoever will listen and protect himself should so to help the nation move forward.

We must not let our guts down, small arms and light weapon commission should provide the necessary things needed to enable work to be done diligently. Since 2018, there has not been any report submitted to the UN from Ghana, but other countries have done so except Ghana which shows how payment is done for small arms, meanwhile it is all from Ghana. He explained.

If we do not fight against this arms dealing, it will get to a point where everyone would like to own a gun which will increase robbery, and any little quarrel that will take place cannot be controlled. People will think owning a gun gives them more power over the police hence we should all be careful. He advised.

Written by Gadrey Philomena/Greenfmonline.coom

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