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Instagram’s new game plan against YouTube involves adopting landscape videos on IGTV


Instagram launched its IGTV app to offer a potential rival service to YouTube. But, instead of blatantly aping the world’s most popular video hosting website, IGTV capitalised on the easiness of recording vertical videos, which is what its platform was based on. Initially, the experiment caught up with Instagram users, only to wane later due to their being far less acceptable than the landscape videos. As a result, IGTV is bringing support for horizontal videos that will be hosted in addition to the vertical ones.
Landscape videos are now supported on IGTV and will also be available as previews on the Instagram app. To be able to watch the landscape videos, the full-screen mode needs to be enabled while rotating the phone to the side, which means the video will be cropped in the vertical orientation. Instagram says the change in video sharing on IGTV is a result of the feedback the company received from the users.
Last year, a good number of Instagrammers and brand pages joined others in the experiment that was meant to change the way how videos are consumed on a mobile device. YouTube was originally a place to share landscape videos but later, the vertical videos were introduced on the platform. Due to a mediocre reception, the vertical video concept could not make a mark and content creators continued with landscape videos as the best method available.
One of the reasons why video creators have hesitated from making vertical videos is the lack of a revenue model. Unlike YouTube, IGTV does not pay content publishers, posing as a turnoff for them to employ even the minuscule resources to make vertical videos. Landscape videos are more popular and IGTV is now seemingly accepting the mandate. Instagram is likening the landscape videos to square photos on its marquee app as it “enabled creativity to flourish and engagement to rise.”
And while businesses have ostensibly stayed away from IGTV for a significant time, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing app is optimistic it landscape videos will help users build their business across IGTV and Instagram.|

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