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Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has said that Hon. Kennedy Agyapong was not summoned to court because the verdict was final but rather to solve his case. He says a contempt application is not a permanent letter but rather it is only valid for 10 days, then after it expires but under the “Order 25 Rule 1 under Civil Procedure, the judge has the legal right to make such order but one’s lawyer also has the right to file an application to settle or vary the order”.

He added that the statement above is what was used to serve Kennedy Agyapong and being the Member of Parliament, he should know better to look for a legal practitioner to look into it.

Again, he says Kennedy Agypong is not a lawyer to know about the legal process but he should have consulted his lawyers about the letter of injunction he was served that he had no knowledge about, and ask them to analyze the order to be sure if it was done legally or if the judge was being bias, hence he could file a petition to the judge about his case being with them without his outmost knowledge whereas injunction going against him.

 If he had done this, he would not have gone against any law of the country but sitting on a radio or television station ruining insults on the judge in court means he shows no respect to the court because the Judge is the arm of government, he added.

Kennedy Agyapong means to say “he is bigger than the court”, but the same judge has his in case in court. When he keeps behaving as such, no judge would like to address his case in court because insulting a judge is contempt and cannot be justified, he says.

Lawyer Ampaw says he does not blame the host of ‘Net 2’ T.V show because Kennedy Agyapong always puts fear in his employees by insulting and threatening not to pay his employees or sack them. He has to explain to court why he decided to contempt and why he should not be sentenced or continue, he cautioned.

He advised that wherever he announced the contempt, he should crusade to Ghanaians to know what he has done by purging himself.

He later added that, Kennedy Agyapong should have been taken to face Supreme Court to be charged live where by everyone will see his facial expression and also have evidence in history to remind him anytime he thinks of repeating it.

Finally, lawyer Maurice Ampaw advised that he being a senior citizen, a social media influencer and a father, such insulting words shouldn’t have been uttered by him to a judge and not even own his children.

Written by Gadrey Philomena/

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