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“It is wrong for us to allow the quality of African music to be judged by Grammys” – Muggez of R2bees


Mugeez, who is a member of music group R2bees has spoken for the first time in a long while about the essence of African music and why it must not be left to international organizations to judge its quality.

According to Mugeez. who shared these thoughts on Instagram, African music cannot be so low to see the Grammys as a stage for it to be endorsed.


He wrote:

“For the last time Grammy no fit judge African Music!”

Although he did not state his reason for laying such a strong claim, it is obvious how desperate most African artistes are to be recognized and awarded by the Grammys.

Many artists on the continent are of the view that until they are awarded or recognized by the Grammys, there is still more work for them to do.

This is exactly what Mugeez is saying that no African act should wait or expect African music to be judged by the Grammys before they appreciate what they do.

Mugeez is one of the great songwriters and singers in the country but he barely makes the news since he is more concerned about how to drop the next hook and create a banger.
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