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Proper journalists verify their information before putting out, “if I were the NDP, I would take Kasapa media house to court because they didn’t do well and should not be covered”, Political Analyst, Mr. Boakye Yiadom has said.

He asked why they immediately circulated the report without verifying from their source, meanwhile they know some members of the National Democratic Party (NDP) which they should have asked them if it was true their presidential candidate and founder was resigning from the upcoming election before proceeding. 

The media house circulating such blunder should be tracked down and questioned so they say when and where Nana Konadu said she has resigned from the presidential race, in some countries, no one would do this and be left to go scout free. But the purpose of the press conference by the party was to clear things, therefore, still standing for the presidential race or not is her personal decision to make since she is the one who lost her husband.

Per the African tradition, when a lady loses her husband, she is to be in a mourning attire for a year, but then the first week to 40 days they do not go anywhere till they are done mourning. Also, Nana Konadu could decide to pull back since her kids are of working age and can take care of her but it could be that some behavior of some people that made her continue with the presidential race to honor the memory of her dear husband. Mr. Yiadom explained.

“If you meet two people fighting, they should not be asked why they are fighting today, but they should be asked what happened previously” the political analyst used this proverb to explain his point of view in reference to Kasapa FM’s reportage on the resignation of the presidential candidate of NDP, he said that the NDP pointed hands at the National Democratic Congress (NDC) on the face of the records, it could be that the NDP already had issues with the NDC so when this issue popped up from Kasapa FM and any other person who has anything to say about the late former presidents death which they are not happy about.

There is no question that the late former president was an NDC member and the founder, however, the NDC has a stake in his funeral but it is not the case that party made rather, he made himself before the formation of the party and he was already popular, Mr. Boakye made clear.

On the other hand, it could be that the NDC’s are overdoing it which has gotten to the extent that the family are not pleased with, which gave the family the opportunity to caution them about getting sympathy votes, but they know that the latter years (in 2012) they were not in good terms with the late former president Flt Lt Jerry John Rawlings that they would shed ‘crocodile tears’ about his death.

He added that Nana Konadu had that opportunity to something to make the NDC’s know she is not happy about their behavior, however, with the press conference has nothing to do with the NDC but she used that as an opportunity to speak to their conscience. She did nothing wrong.

The Political Analyst said with the reports and their press on their situation, it is not contradictory because if Nana Konadu would not go for the presidential bid, she would have informed the party chair and secretary, however, since they are not aware then she has not taken any decision of that sort so whether she has asked or not they believe their party founder has not made any decision.

The press conference organized by the NDP will not have any effect on the upcoming election nor campaign. But with everything going on, it is normal everywhere so it has no effect on anything.

Mr. Boakye Yiadom advised with regards to COVD-19 and the death of the death of Flt Lt JJ. Rawlings, the parties are to advise themselves and end all campaigns to protect the lives of Ghanaians from every unfortunate situations that might occur and plan the funeral well.

Written by Gadrey Philomena/

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