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“Lets not rush in making wild declarations”, Dr. Jehu-Appiah to GHS.


Dr. Koma Jehu-Appiah, public health physician and a member of the National Democratic
Congress (NDC) covid-19 technical team has advised Government and Ghana Health Service to hasten slowly in declaring that the country has reached the peak of the covid 19 infection.

This comes as a result of recent declaration by Dr. Ebenezer Badu Sarkodie, the head of public health at the Ghana Health Service (GHS) that, Ghana has reached the peak of the covid 19 infection.
“So to answer directly to the question, we are at the peak of the curve, We are not off the
hook yet; but then if we continue the way we are doing now – adhering to the various social distancing and adhering to the various individual preventive measures – these will let us comedown from where we are,” Dr. Badu said.
But Dr. Jehu-Appiah in interview on the Anopa Bosuo Morning Show advised that since we are still taking samples from the community and contact tracing and as the disease has spread to other parts of the country and we are not done taking all samples we should not rush in declaring that we are at the
peal level.

He further said “we are not there yet, let us give ourselves time, we should also wait for all the sample to be tested before we rush into conclusion” .He also said, even if the numbers given out by the GHS is not accurate, we have no other option then to believe them.

He concluded by stating that the rate of the infection can decline if we adhere to the preventive protocol by the government, GHS and the world health organization (WHO).

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