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“Marriage Is Overrated” – Ameyaw Debrah (VIDEO)


Ameyaw Debrah, one of Ghana and Africa’s most influential celebrity and lifestyle bloggers, has indicated that marriage is a little bit overrated.

While speaking in an interview with fellow blogger Nkonkonsa, Ameyaw indicated that for him, society had overrated marriage.

According to him, society had made marriage so strict and rigid that the couple had to live by certain standards to be regarded as a properly married couple.

He added that for him, marriage was not so much of a big deal because of his way of thinking.

Ameyaw revealed that even though marriage had come to change him and made him more responsible because other lives were involved, he did not really see why people made it look so huge.

The celebrity blogger said he was the “I don’t care” type and did not really mind not being seen together with his wife attending church together and many other things that society had considered as signs of marriage.

Ameyaw added that he was absolutely fine being somewhere else and ding his own thing while his wife did the same.

He added that marriage had made him a little careful because other people were involved and that the repercussions of his actions and inactions could affect his partner.

Among many other things, the celebrity blogger added that he regretted not getting married and given birth early, probably when he was in his 20s.

He explained the reason for his regret being the fact that he would have had enough time to work and take care of the child through all the stages of life.

Watch the full interview below:

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