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“Most Ghanaian artists spend their capital thinking it’s profit” Sarkodie


Rapper Sarkodie has taken to Twitter this morning to give a lecture on the ‘music business’ that they all as musicians find themselves in.

He stated that the music business is just like any other business where you need to invest before you can reap some profit.

King Sark remarked that the system can’t be cheated, however, some musicians are failing to invest in themselves.

And even the little profit they make that should be re-invested as a capital, they rather spend it thinking they’re spending the profit.

The BET-award winner tweeted: “I love it when artists put in their all … I always say you can’t cheat the game you gotto put in work … Music is just like any other business you flip till you see profits but unfortunately most artists spend their capital thinking it’s profit… Keep flipping”

Sarkodie said this in reaction to rapper Kweku Smoke’s link up with South African rapper, Emtee.

The Ghanaian upcoming musician made a trip to SA where he’s currently shooting a music video with the SA rapper.

“What it means to put in work… too proud of you…” Sarkodie reacted on Twitter.

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