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It costs more than a million Ghana cedis to organize a by election and less to give a single MP round the clock protection for 4 years. Imagining the unfortunate death of their colleague Ekow Hayford, if it happened a 4 months ago, based on the constitution which states that 6 months to election a by election cannot be done so if this unfortunate incident happened earlier it would have been a by election.

A by election would have cost huge and every tax payer more to organize a by election than to provide a police protection for the late MP for 4 years. 

Hon. Ras Mubarak said MP’s are also Ghanaians so there is no MP who has said Ghanaians wellbeing should be ignored and the MP’s should be the only ones protected. Two things can be done at the same time, in other case, we live in a country where we find all kinds of money for all kinds of things.  

Nana Addo cannot take glory for this particular parliament, because this parliament had the courage to insist unlike the previous one when it comes to the welfare of MP’s. Because of election, members of parliament are afraid to speak out and ask what is due them and if it is agreed to give ministers and deputies the facility, it will then not be a problem.

MP for Kumbungu constituency said the previous parliament MP’s have not been courageous enough to talk about the problems they were facing. Based on the seventh parliament led by Michael Quaye, it is a provision of the constitution to protect the president. But why is the president and ministers protected, are they better than the MPs, he questioned. If parliament has had the courage to demand what is due them, then there is no big deal about it. He questioned.

Referencing the death of the MP, he says if nothing had been done about it then they will not have honoured his memory, therefore this is a fight to ensure that the MPs that died in unfortunate circumstances should be the last fundamental point that should be used. He said.

Written by Gadrey Philomena/

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