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All is set for the commencement of the basic certificate exams (B.E.C.E) with junior high school students across the country eager to participate in the exams.

Speaking in an interview on Anopa Bosuo – Green FM, educationist Mr. Daniel Fenyi has said that BECE is not only a placement exams as it seems but also an assessment to instill discipline in students.

According to the educationist, you find invigilators providing answers to examination questions lately. This makes our education system questionable as the student is to prove that he or she has comprehended what the teacher taught in class.

He is of view that our forms of assessment has to be changed as education is experiencing a global shift t and Ghana needs to be at par with these changes.

“Our educational system should level up to meet this changes and dynamics happening educational system.” He said.

Mr. Fenyi further in the discussion explained that BECE was initially a determinant for whether you qualify for Senior Secondary School or otherwise as one had to attain a grade 25 or better before being placed in a secondary school. However in recent times your grades do not determine whether you will be in school or not as the grading system has changed. You will either have to be placed in a grade a, b, c,d school.

“At first above 25 or 24 you will be placed anything below this you won’t be placed. For now from JHS to SHS is a smooth transition so they could actually write an end of term exams. He stressed.

Expressing his thoughts on why students write several number of papers in a day the educationist explained that examinations are supposed to instill discipline in students above all else as the purpose of an assessment is to train students to be able to stand pressure.

“Exams should teach discipline. It should train in our children the ability to stand pressure, apart from the chew and pour what other skills do the ministry of education want to reproduce from our children.” He questioned.

“Exams should instill in our children basic skills such as multitasking, working under pressure and so on. When our children understand this they can be successful in any working environment.” He emphasized.

Written by: Naa Oshedu Lois/

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